About Us

At Gateway Reinsurance Brokers, we understand risk and the opportunities that lie within reach to mitigate potential loss.

As a company, we strive to be of value to our clients.

We promote a client-centered culture that permeates through our organization as well as our sister companies. Needless to say, we are dedicated to addressing our clients’ needs.

Gateway Reinsurance Brokers, Inc. is a subsidiary of American Insurance Brokers, a full-service insurance brokerage company, operating domestically and internationally. Global AIB, a secondary sister company, offers international life and health insurance. All three companies are based in Miami, Florida.

World of America Global Partners, a renowned, international advisory firm, serves as the company’s strategic partner. They advise, facilitate and help strengthen all business relationships, particularly those in the fields of international life, health and employer benefits.

Gateway Reinsurance Brokers is licensed, regulated and supervised by the Florida Department of Insurance.